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6 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Blog like a Pro Part 2/6

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A Proven Technique to Help You Find Blogging Ideas

Hopefully, after reading the first post in this series, 6 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Blog like a Pro Part 1/6: Turn Your Blogging Stress into Success, you have now started to believe that blogging doesn’t have to be stressful and that you can be successful at it.

One of the most panic-inducing parts of being a blogger is to continuously find relevant topics to talk about. In this post, we’ll discuss a few proven techniques to do just that.

Go Back to Your Message Categories

Having a Digital Marketing strategic plan in place is critical for your blogging success. While creating your Digital Marketing strategic plan, you should have spent some time deciding on the general themes that you want to blog about (called Message Categories) to your specifically defined audience (called Target Personas).  You should have at least 1 Message Category per persona, and remember that Message Categories can apply to more than 1 persona. [Tweet “Create @ least 1 message theme per target audience so you can easily find topics to blog about #BloggingTips”]

The table below shows an example of 3 Message Categories for a pharmacy, where 2 of its Target Personas could be “Budget Shopper Mom” and “Retired Pensioner”.

Table1Bear your message categories in mind as you go through your blogging process. This will help you to focus on exactly what topics you should be writing about. Also, when you’re stumped for a new topic, revisiting your message categories can spark new ideas of what to write about.

9 Ways to Find Interesting Blog Topics

Now that you have defined your message categories, use this as a guide to brainstorm your actual blog topics. To get started, it’s worth your while to spend some time creating an initial list of at least 2 topics per message category. [Tweet “Create a list of min 2 topics per message theme to always have material in your pipeline #BloggingTips”] Maintain your list by adding new ideas as they come up and removing topics as you post them.

Additionally, to simplify this process you can factor in these 9 ideas:

  1. National and international holidays
  2. Specially observed days in your industry
  3. Special company events
  4. New product and service offerings
  5. New or interesting ways to use your products
  6. Questions from your customers and other community members
  7. Roundup of news in your industry for the past week, 2 weeks or month
  8. Summary of newly published studies for your industry
  9. Current events that are relevant to your industry

Remember to put your own unique spin on each idea so that your audience will want to read about it.

Continuing with our pharmacy example, here are some examples of possible blog topics and the message category each fits into.

Table2As in the example above, ensure that your blog topics are explicit so that when you refer to the list at a later time, you remember the brilliant idea you wanted to blog about.

And Finally…

As you add to your list of blog topics, fit them into appropriate slots in your publishing calendar. This way, you will already know exactly what to write about and when.

In Part 3, we’ll talk about getting and keeping your audience’s attention.

How do you currently find ideas to blog about? Share your thoughts with us in the Comments section below.

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